Following the CLVS Standards for Creating Video Depositions

UntitleAbiding by the Standards

Making a video deposition isn’t as each as picking up a camera and recording a person’s testimonial. There are certain standards set forth by the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Council.

Quality Recording

Quality recording and production is important. The videographer should work alongside the report to promote and ensure that a quality recording is produced.

Optimal Zoom

Cameras lenses have different zooming capabilities and are useful in different situations. For a video deposition, the optimal zoom ratio should be a minimum of 10:1.

Video Format

There are various video formats that exist. For video depositions, any video format is accepted. The only stipulation is there must be a simultaneous back-up recording is created.

It’s important that deposition videographers follow these standards. If you need a video deposition from trustworthy experts, contact McMahon & Associates.

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