When Depositions are Used



A deposition is an out-of-court testimony of a witness for a trial. These testimonies are usually conducted out of court by the lawyers for the clients. It is commonly used in America and there are some instances when they are useful.


The first circumstance is when the plaintiff uses the deposition as an admission (most likely of guilt) by a party opponent (usually the defendant).


Video depositions are useful when an important witness may not be available to take the stand on the day of the trial. This may be because the witness may be too far away to travel or may have passed away.


Preparing for trial is like gearing for combat; you want to pick your fights; so depositions can be used as references for picking witness that can help your case. They can also provide ammunition for cross-examining a hostile witness. Video depositions are a key component of making a winning case. Therefore, its only right to have a professional do it and so visit mcmahonvideo.com to talk to a professional videographer for your deposition.

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