Being an Audio Wizard

Knowing what to do

Certain incidents may occur that require someone to clean up the audio quality from a recording or making sure the audio is clear when recording a video. Whatever it is, here are some tips on getting it done properly.

The Set Up

You need to learn how sound travels around in the room that you are going to record. By understanding how to deal with fluttering echoes you can ensure that clear audio can be recorded.


There are various types of microphones, that all have positives and negatives. By being able to select the correct one for the job you are dealing with is a key skill. Moreover learning where to place the microphone is just as important.


Always be aware of what’s going on both in the room you are recording and the area outside of it. It doesn’t make sense to record near construction; moreover, a loud TV can distract and distort what the subject is saying.
If you need audio engineering done, you can try to do it yourself; or you can contact McMahon Videos to get a couple of experts and relieve yourself of the stress.

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