Jurors Respond Positively to Video Evidence


As technology advances so does the legal system. Although, the court system dates back centuries, new technologies allow for more evidence accuracy in cases.

Videos often have a positive effect on jurors because they leave little room for confusion and are usually straightforward evidence. Video is something that is familiar to them, it is trustworthy. Jurors are able to keep better focus and better retention of video evidence presentation than just being told.

Each video has an on screen date and time to keep in compliance with the Code of civil Procedure Section 2025.

McMahon Video offers services for video depositions, Video site inspections, conference rooms, transcript synch, day in the life videos, trial director support, audio engineering, mock trial, settlement videos, litigation support, video editing, video & audio duplication, as well as digital photography.

There are many advantages to having video in the courtroom to find out more information about McMahon Video services contact them today!

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