When Depositions are Used



A deposition is an out-of-court testimony of a witness for a trial. These testimonies are usually conducted out of court by the lawyers for the clients. It is commonly used in America and there are some instances when they are useful.


The first circumstance is when the plaintiff uses the deposition as an admission (most likely of guilt) by a party opponent (usually the defendant).


Video depositions are useful when an important witness may not be available to take the stand on the day of the trial. This may be because the witness may be too far away to travel or may have passed away.


Preparing for trial is like gearing for combat; you want to pick your fights; so depositions can be used as references for picking witness that can help your case. They can also provide ammunition for cross-examining a hostile witness. Video depositions are a key component of making a winning case. Therefore, its only right to have a professional do it and so visit mcmahonvideo.com to talk to a professional videographer for your deposition.

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Following the CLVS Standards for Creating Video Depositions

UntitleAbiding by the Standards

Making a video deposition isn’t as each as picking up a camera and recording a person’s testimonial. There are certain standards set forth by the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Council.

Quality Recording

Quality recording and production is important. The videographer should work alongside the report to promote and ensure that a quality recording is produced.

Optimal Zoom

Cameras lenses have different zooming capabilities and are useful in different situations. For a video deposition, the optimal zoom ratio should be a minimum of 10:1.

Video Format

There are various video formats that exist. For video depositions, any video format is accepted. The only stipulation is there must be a simultaneous back-up recording is created.

It’s important that deposition videographers follow these standards. If you need a video deposition from trustworthy experts, contact McMahon & Associates.

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A Need for Videos for Legal Purposes


For Legal Purposes

The combination of images, texts, sound and animation is highly compelling. That’s why videos have become a quite popular tool for various reasons and purposes, including legal usages.

Conference Room Recordings

In conference rooms, important business and legal matters are discussed. Videos can be created to record the session and act as evidence or reference if needed.


Depositions are oral testimonies made by witnesses outside of the courtroom. Depositions can be made in the form of videos, and have been accepted in the courtroom.

Court Reporting

A court reporter or court stenographer transcribes or records the court proceedings. Furthermore, court reporting can be conducted with the aid of a video camera.

Contact McMahon & Associates if you need videos for any of the reasons listed above, or for any other legal reason.

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The Importance of Videos in Today’s World


A Need for Videos

A century ago, any form of videos was not as common as they are today. Videos have grown in popularity and are important for many reasons.


Videos are very useful tools for learning. Whether it’s in the classroom or even an online video, they can be used to educate people through audio and visuals.


In advertising, videos are very valuable. Videos have a tendency to be more persuasive that written words or recordings, so products and service are better advertised.


There’s not hiding the fact that videos can be entertaining. They can be used for entertainment in many ways, including music videos, short animations and even 15 second Vine clips.

Videos have proven to be useful in many fields, including law. If you need video depositions, settlement videos or any other recording for legal reasons, contact McMahon & Associates.

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Video Depositions: The Benefits of These Types of Testimonials

mcmahonvideoUsing Video Depositions

Video depositions were once rarely used in court, but have grown in popularity over time. Using videos depositions can be very beneficial.

Videos are Persuasive

It’s important to keep in mind video depositions are videos, which can be very persuasive. People in the courtroom tend to find videos more convincing and have a greater impact than written testimonials.

Preserve Testimony

Life is unpredictable, and it’s not guaranteed a witness will be able to be present at the trial. Regardless the reason for their absence, a video deposition preserves the witness’s testimony.

A Feel of Client Performance

While preparing to make a video deposition, you can get a feel of how your client may perform in trial. This can help determine if more preparation is necessary.

As you can see, video depositions are beneficial when preparing for and during the trial. If you need a video deposition, let the experts at McMahon & Associates give you a helping hand.


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The Advantages of Using a Video Court Reporting Service


Recording in the Courtroom

Video court reporting is relatively new in the legal system, and may seem odd to some people, but there are benefits in using a video recording service for court reporting.

Help With Transcription

With the ability to capture high-quality audio, digital recording can make the transcription be completed easier and more accurately.

Examine Reactions

During the trail, an attorney may not be able to notice every single reaction. However, by video graphing it, all reactions, such as facial expressions and gestures, can be examined better.

Multi-Track Recording

In a courtroom, there is the possibility of people talking while another person is speaking. This service offers multi-track recording, making it easier to understand each individual’s statement.

If you need video court reporting for an upcoming trial in the Bay Area, contact McMahon & Associates. Let the video experts give you a helping hand.

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How to Answer Questions during Your Video Deposition


Video Depositions

Answering questions for a deposition may seem intimidating but with the right tips it doesn’t have to be. After reading the tips we have put together, you’ll be ready to answer any question calm and collected.

Deposition Tips

  1. Wait- When initially answering your questions, pause for 5 seconds to think about what you were asked and to formulate your answer.
  2. Answers- If the question calls for a simple “yes” or “no” answer then keep your response to those words. Do not elaborate, make guesses or assumptions to answer the question.
  3. No Rushing- Speak slowly, calmly, and confidently. There is no need to rush through your deposition.

Deposition Services in San Jose

McMahon & Associates have years of experience recording video depositions. You take care of answer the questions and we’ll take care of creating a great looking video. For more information about our recording services, contact our office at (408) 298.6686.


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