The Importance of Videos in Today’s World


A Need for Videos

A century ago, any form of videos was not as common as they are today. Videos have grown in popularity and are important for many reasons.


Videos are very useful tools for learning. Whether it’s in the classroom or even an online video, they can be used to educate people through audio and visuals.


In advertising, videos are very valuable. Videos have a tendency to be more persuasive that written words or recordings, so products and service are better advertised.


There’s not hiding the fact that videos can be entertaining. They can be used for entertainment in many ways, including music videos, short animations and even 15 second Vine clips.

Videos have proven to be useful in many fields, including law. If you need video depositions, settlement videos or any other recording for legal reasons, contact McMahon & Associates.

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Video Depositions: The Benefits of These Types of Testimonials

mcmahonvideoUsing Video Depositions

Video depositions were once rarely used in court, but have grown in popularity over time. Using videos depositions can be very beneficial.

Videos are Persuasive

It’s important to keep in mind video depositions are videos, which can be very persuasive. People in the courtroom tend to find videos more convincing and have a greater impact than written testimonials.

Preserve Testimony

Life is unpredictable, and it’s not guaranteed a witness will be able to be present at the trial. Regardless the reason for their absence, a video deposition preserves the witness’s testimony.

A Feel of Client Performance

While preparing to make a video deposition, you can get a feel of how your client may perform in trial. This can help determine if more preparation is necessary.

As you can see, video depositions are beneficial when preparing for and during the trial. If you need a video deposition, let the experts at McMahon & Associates give you a helping hand.


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The Advantages of Using a Video Court Reporting Service


Recording in the Courtroom

Video court reporting is relatively new in the legal system, and may seem odd to some people, but there are benefits in using a video recording service for court reporting.

Help With Transcription

With the ability to capture high-quality audio, digital recording can make the transcription be completed easier and more accurately.

Examine Reactions

During the trail, an attorney may not be able to notice every single reaction. However, by video graphing it, all reactions, such as facial expressions and gestures, can be examined better.

Multi-Track Recording

In a courtroom, there is the possibility of people talking while another person is speaking. This service offers multi-track recording, making it easier to understand each individual’s statement.

If you need video court reporting for an upcoming trial in the Bay Area, contact McMahon & Associates. Let the video experts give you a helping hand.

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How to Answer Questions during Your Video Deposition


Video Depositions

Answering questions for a deposition may seem intimidating but with the right tips it doesn’t have to be. After reading the tips we have put together, you’ll be ready to answer any question calm and collected.

Deposition Tips

  1. Wait- When initially answering your questions, pause for 5 seconds to think about what you were asked and to formulate your answer.
  2. Answers- If the question calls for a simple “yes” or “no” answer then keep your response to those words. Do not elaborate, make guesses or assumptions to answer the question.
  3. No Rushing- Speak slowly, calmly, and confidently. There is no need to rush through your deposition.

Deposition Services in San Jose

McMahon & Associates have years of experience recording video depositions. You take care of answer the questions and we’ll take care of creating a great looking video. For more information about our recording services, contact our office at (408) 298.6686.


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Prepping the clients appearance for their video deposition


Video deposition

Video depositions can be an integral part of your court case. Since they are part of the legal proceedings, depositions are meant to be taken very seriously and there are ways in which to prep a witness for their recording to ensure that their testimony is taken seriously.

How to: Video depositions

  1. Appearance- While your witness may not be in a courtroom during their depositions, they want to dress as if they are to make a good impression. You’ll want to inform the witness to keep their clothing professional and subtle. Stick to light colors and avoid bold patterns and large jewelry.
  2. Posture- During their video, you want your witness to appear comfortable while having good posture. Ask them to sit up straight with both feet on the floor.
  3. Expression- The ultimate focus will be on their facial expression. Your witness will want to avoid rolling of the eyes and maintain a pleasant or neutral expression throughout the recording.

Video deposition services in San Jose Ca

McMahon & Associates offer the excellent services of their video production team to ensure your deposition will help your case. To schedule their services, contact them at (408) 298-6686.

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A day in the life legal video can help you win your case


Day in the life legal video

Day in the life videos are used for legal purposes and essentially are documentaries that chronicles a typical day in your client’s life, provides a video deposition, or captures the scene of an accident. They can aid you in a case by more effectively than by just using words.


Great for cases dealing with:
• personal injury
• Industrial accidents
• Product liability
• Medical negligence
• Car, truck, motorcycle or boating accidents
• Slander/or libel
The video will provide the judge or jury an insight to how your life was negatively affected by an accident. Along with that awareness, the videos are great for evoking sympathy, are high impact, communicates better, and makes your case stronger.

San Jose legal video service

McMahon & Associates provide videography specifically for court reporting. If you’re in need of a day in the life video in San Jose, contact the associates at (408)298-6686.

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3 Common Mock Trial Errors

1. Not taking it seriously. If you’re going to trial, it without a doubt means that it’s a rather serious situation. Don’t laugh off something that can really help you in your case.

2. Over-scripting. It’s better to just make a brief outline of points you want to hit rather than memorizing your answers or questions perfectly. It’ll come off as contrived.

3. Losing your cool. If someone isn’t saying what you want them to say during the mock trial, perhaps it’s the phrasing of the question that is being asked, but never yell at anyone if they’re not acting like you hoped they would.

If you need assistance recording your mock trial, contact McMahon & Associates today!

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What is a mock trial?

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Mock Video Trial in San Jose

A mock trial is an act or imitation trial, they simulate lower-court trials. Attorneys preparing for a real trial might use a mock trial consisting of volunteers as role players to test theories or experiment with each other.

Why record it?

Videotaping your mock trial can be very useful, you can go back and look at the delivery of your argument and see if there are parts that are unconvincing. Now you have the opportunity to better prepare for the real thing, because it’s one thing to study up on all the facts and a completely different thing to actually get up there and take a stand for the facts.


Contact McMahon Video today for your Mock Video Trial needs!

(408) 298.6686

97 East Saint James St. San Jose, CA 95112

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3 Reasons to Synchronize Transcripts


  1. Ease: Sometimes, it can be hard for a court reporter to keep up with the pacing of a video deposition. Transcript syncing does the hard work for them, automatically syncing to their transcripts.
  2. Peace of Mind: Transcript sync gives you peace of mind in knowing that the exact words of your video deposition will transfer over to the court records.
  3. Thorough: Transcript syncing is oftentimes even more thorough than manual synchronization, so you know the right information is being recorded.

Are you interested in using Transcript synchronization during your next case? McMahon & Associates offers quality transcript sync services, to keep your case professional and easy.

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Origin of the Camera

3The history of the camera goes back much further than you probably think. Modern, photographic cameras were actually a development of the camera obscura.

The term “camera obscura” was first used by a German astronomer in 1604, although the first known mention of some of the basic principles behind the camera obscura date back to 470 BC – 390 BC.

The entire device originally consisted of a room with a hole in one side. Camera obscuras used this pinhole to project an image of an outside scene upside-down onto a viewing surface. Smaller pinholes produced sharper images, but the images were also dimmer.

With the camera obscura, and before the photographic process, these images could only be saved/produced by manually tracing the projected image. The earliest cameras gradually evolved into more compact models and by the 18th century more easily portable models became much more widely available.

At McMahon & Associates we keep up with the latest technology so that we can provide you with the best video production quality possible for all your legal video service needs. We specialize in providing the highest quality video depositions, mock video trials and more.

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